Monday, June 19, 2017

Spencer's letter to school friends

Dear Mr. Warbington and room 104,
Thank you for the letter. I felt happy to get it. I hope you have a good last day of school.  I hope you are having fun at school and have a good summer break.

I like trying new foods.  My favorite foods I've tried are goulash and dough noodles (a Hungarian meat stew), perogi (Polish dumplings), they give me perogi power and paella (a Spanish rice).

I have been to England, Morocco, Spain, Poland and Hungary.  In England I got to see Big Ben and go on the London Eye (ferris wheel), it looked like we were going to go underwater.  In Morocco I got to ride camels in the desert and an atv in the sand dunes.  In Spain we celebrated Easter and they do Semana Santa and we saw a flamenco dance.  In Poland we found gnomes (they are statues all over Wroclaw) and learned about my family history.  In Hungary I went to an awesome playground right next to our house, saw a light up fountain show and saw Wonder Woman at the movies in the middle of the day.

For summer we're going to go camping at the beach in Croatia, we won't even have to ask to play on the beach!  And we're going on a safari in Kenya!

My daddy walked into a pole in Poland while looking at a map.  That was funny and silly.
I lost my first tooth in Morocco and my second tooth in Hungary.  The tooth fairy comes to these countries too.

Have fun in first grade next year.  I'll see you in second grade.
I miss you!

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