Monday, June 19, 2017

Adele's letter to school friends

Dear Mr. P. And Room 203,

Hello from the other side! (Budapest, Hungary)

I miss you so much!  We are having a great time traveling.  We have been to England, Morocco, Spain, Poland and are halfway through Hungary.

Around the world, there are lots of cool playgrounds (except for Morocco - there were NO playgrounds)  In Hungary, my favorite one so far is a big park called Olympic Park.  I met two friends named Hannah and Sophie. There are lots of different shaped swings at that park.  We like to play in the sandboxes.  They have a water fountain to make mud!  In Spain every corner you turn, there is a playground!  Around the world, baby swings look like zoo cages!

Poland is my favorite country so far. It has the best playgrounds, ever.  There was a cool water fountain show. And Poland has lots of bright colors in the dancing outfits and pottery.  Before we went to Poland, I thought there were just only going to be poles and kids bumping into poles.  I was wrong (except my dad bumped into a pole in Poland)! We learned about our family heritage too. We visited museums, found their gravestones and visited the towns where they were born and lived.

There are lots of ice cream / gelato stands around the world.  My favorite ice cream flavor was date flavor that I had in Morocco.🍦Yummy!  I like to try new foods everywhere we go. I once ate a shrimp head and a whole fish (including the head and the bones!). Two of my favorite new foods are Pastilla (in Morocco) and Pierogi (in Poland).

We are going to keep doing our school in the summer. But we still get to do fun things. We go to fun aqua parks and we are going camping on the beach in Croatia. I am excited!  We are also going on a safari in Kenya. I want to see lions, giraffes and elephants.

I got all the Wonder Woman books on my Kindle and then we watched the movie in the theater. We were the only kids in the theater.

Please write back. I would love to know what is going on back home. What are you doing for summer break?  Your parents can send your messages and videos to me by messaging my mom Kerry Axley on Facebook. You can also read about our travels on our blog



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  1. Dear Adele,
    I really really really really (keep saying really for about a half hour) miss you. Cora's pool party's have been really fun, I'm trying to teach Pheobe to swim with a mermaid tail but, she's still working on it. From Moxie